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A Teachers Love Story

/ Book Club Questions


1) Roosevelt brought up the subject of forgiving and forgetting. Why is it so hard to forgive and forget or do you think that it is possible?

2) Can a man and a woman enjoy each other’s company on a weekend vacation without sex?

3) Can two people make love without having sex? Is there such a thing as making love to someone’s mind?

4) Katherine helped Roosevelt with his insecurities by allowing him to “claim” her whenever he felt insecure. How do you deal with the insecurities of dating or marrying someone younger or older than you?

5) Roosevelt said that you have never really loved someone until you fall in love with them for a second time. How do you feel about what he said?

6) Peete said that in our culture, we never speak of how much we love someone until they are gone. Why is it so difficult for us show and tell people that we love them while they can still hear us?

7) Do you think that Katherine was crying so much because she was truly happy or was it because she knew that her secrets place her love out of bounds?

8) Roosevelt said that Katherine was manipulating and secretly controlling him. Was that true or were they controlling and manipulating each other? Give examples.

9) Do you think Roosevelt knew all along who Katherine was, but decided to go along with her scheme then turn the tables on her, making her fall madly in love with him?

10) Katherine was a strong and powerful woman, but she said that unlike most men, Roosevelt was not threatened by her. Why was Roosevelt not threatened by her? Why do you think men feel threatened by powerful women?

11) Katherine said that she never met a man that she was willing to yield herself to until she met Roosevelt. Why did she feel safe yielding to Roosevelt? Do you think that this was apart of her master plan? Do you feel that a woman should yield to a man? Why or Why not?

12) Katherine said that men were classified in four categories: dogs, wolves, coyotes and foxes. Do you agree with how she described each? Later, Katherine discloses to her lady friends the secret of the fox and reveals how to capture a fox. Do you think that Sheila already knew the secret of the fox?

13) June Bug told Roosevelt that the secret of the black widow was romance. He also told Roosevelt that when it comes to romance, a man must know the whens, hows and whats about his lady to make her happy. Do you agree? Why do couples lose their romantic drive?

14) Do you believe that God tailor makes or creates people for each other? What is the difference between soul mates and God created partners?

15) The Bible says “husbands are to love their wives like Christ loved the church.” When does this type of pure love start? Roosevelt and Katherine believed that they were already married in God’s eye sight. Is this possible? Does a view of this kind about marriage lead to people shacking up?

16) Do you feel that a parent is responsible for their child’s actions while they are in school? What do you think about Roosevelt’s plan of saving one youth at a time? Do you have a plan that you think will help to save our youth?

17) Do teachers really have as much influence over their students as Roosevelt Bess had over his? Are teachers’ habits and influences passed down from one generation to another?

18) Are there still teachers who teach because it is their calling or profession? Has teaching really changed or have the students really changed? Do you remember your teachers who helped or motivated you?

19) If there was one teacher that you could send a thank you note to, who would it be and why?

20) Roosevelt’s former teacher described teaching in two words – fog and mist. If you are a teacher, what do you think about this definition? How would you define teaching?