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Tropical Heat


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The Birth of the Scorpion Mistress

An ancient folktale has been told around the warming fires of the Maasai tribes of Northern Tanzania for scores of years. It tells of a day when Mother Africa will get her revenge on those who have enslaved her sons and daughters and carried them away on the ocean tides.

The tale indicates there shall rise from the bosom of Africa and out of the “Mountain of God” (Mt. Kilimanjaro) a female Emperor Scorpion. Instead of being black in color, her skin will be the pale like the sandy beach of Nungwi Tanzania: she will be an albino Emperor Scorpion. She, like most scorpions, will enjoy the hot earth of Africa, but her heart will be cold as the ice caps of Mt. Kilimanjaro because she will be a follower of the Maasai deity: Engai Nanyokie (Red God) of revenge. Her left hand will be red in color and she will use it to rip apart her adversaries much like the red stinger of the black Emperor Scorpion. She will be very powerful and fear no man or woman.

She will be a mystery to many and she will seem like a ghost who walks the steamy heat waves of the Tanzanian’s sun.
Countless men will gaze on her beauty and seek her affection, but none will taste her sweetness. She will have the ability to control the minds of men and her name will be the Scorpion Mistress. She will never find true love because she is on a mission from Mother Africa.

Her mission will be to follow the Africa Trade winds to reclaim those children of Africa who were taken away and get revenge on all the corrupt ones who raped her land and her people. No one will be able to escape her punishment and she will free those children taken off into slavery.

Not long along to his surprise a Tanzanian leader and his wife gave birth to albino twins. He solicited the help of a Massai woman to help nurse the weaker twin: Taliyah because she was weak and puny.

Taliyah was told the folktale over and over again to encourage her to be strong, but it didn’t seem to help her. Later when a group of corrupt men called the Black Skulls killed her whole family, the words of the folktale became to resonate in her mind. She took on the role of the Scorpion Mistress and swore to get her revenge against the Black Skulls.
The Scorpion Mistress lures and seduces the unsuspecting Phillip Gee who is a Houston private detective and former Navy Seal into helping her carry out her master plan of revenge. Buckle your seat belts and prepare to take off, following the steamy hot, suspense filled, murder and romantic novel: “Tropical Heat.”