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A Teachers Love Story


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The Pitch
“A Teacher’s Love Story”

Roosevelt Bess had one true love in his life and that was his love for teaching. He sacrificed all of his time and energy for her. As a math teacher, things for him were always right or wrong, cut or dry and never two answers to any one problem. He lived his life by the same pattern, always obeying the rules.

Retirement was upon him and he didn’t know what the future held for him. He decided to drift quietly off into life’s sunset, like his teachers did before him.

His adult former students had other ideas. They retired him and sent him on an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas, with instructions for him to find the love of his life – his Bahama Mama.

There is always one solution to life’s many equations but Roosevelt found that when true love is added to an equation, grey areas are produced.

Buckle up, follow the suspense, the mystery, the intrigue and yes, romance as Roosevelt Bess searches for his second true love.