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Skeeter Hawk


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The “Skeeter Hawk” Novel
A Modern Day Historical Romance Story

The Origin of Skeeter Hawk

Many years ago, an African warrior and his soon to be queen roamed freely through fields of African violets. Their playful love was interrupted by slave hunters, who captured them and took them to Bance Island off the West African coast. Before they were separated and placed on different slave ships, they promised to find each other again, no matter where they ended up.

Both were sent to the Sea Islands to work the mosquito-infected rice fields of South Carolina. They had a plan; she was to plant some African violet seeds that she brought with her and he was to follow the scent to find her. They never saw each other again but they longed for each other.

In the rice fields the mosquitoes feasted on the African slaves, but because of their climatic history, they were strong and able to survive. They had one friend that was able to help them with the mosquitoes— the dragonfly. The dragonfly is nature’s way of dealing with an overpopulation of mosquitoes, hunting down and eating mosquitoes much like the hawk hunts and kills chickens. The African slaves, because of their West African dialects, couldn’t say “mosquito,” so they called the dragonfly a name worthy of his role in nature: Skeeter Hawk.

Over a century later, one of the descendants of the two African lovers became one of Houston’s most powerful lawyers, vowing to protect the African American people from “blood sucking” corporations and insurance companies. He took for his emblem of justice the name Dragonfly. Even though he had forgotten his Gullah heritage and had disavowed all knowledge of his people, his Gullah Geechee community called him Skeeter Hawk.

Follow the story “Skeeter Hawk” as attorney Ben Brooks rediscovers his Gullah Geechee heritage and find romance along the Gullah Trail and the Sea Islands.