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A Teachers Love Story

/ Excerpts from A Teacher’s Love Story

Secret of the fox

“Listen up ladies because I’m only saying this once. I’m going to tell you how I captured Roosevelt Bess.”
“You mean you went hunting for Roosevelt?”
“I sure did girl because he is a keeper.”
“How could you tell if he was the right guy for you,” inquired one of the ladies.
“You know we always say ‘all men are dogs’ but that’s not true. Sanje taught me that there are four types of men. There are dogs, wolves, coyotes and foxes.”
“They are all in the canine family. Aren’t they all the same?” Sheila probes.
“No girl and that’s where we mess up. When a man is dog, he is domesticated but he will chase anything. He does not catch everything he chases but he just loves chasing women.” One of the ladies yells “you must have known my ex-husband. He was a real dog. Every time he saw a skirt, he was off and running.”
“Thanks for that personal testimony sweetheart but let me continue. A man, that’s a wolf, travels in a pack and will hunt women day or night. He is always with his homeboys. To be with him, you have to be with all of his friends.”
“So that’s the kind of guy Erika Badu was singing about. I met a few of them down here.” Amica says. Someone else adds “No wonder she told him to call Tyrone and he couldn’t use her phone.” Laughter erupts in the spa area.
“Okay ladies simmer down. The next type of man is the coyote. He will howl all night long. He will sing sweet love songs to you but he is always around the garbage can trying to see what he can find; trying to hustle a deal, or chasing a broken dream. He does not care about what type of woman he dates because he is attached to their food supply. If you are feeding him, he will feast all night and lay around all day. He won’t get up and go look for a job but when you cut off his food supply; he is gone.” Lyn jumps up and gave Katherine a high five saying, “I know that’s right. I had one, did that, but now I’m looking for a BMW – a black man working.” The spa explodes into laughter again. Sarah was amazed by the things that Katherine was saying. “Big Sis, I never heard you talk like this before and you never told us about this.”
“You and Elizabeth were already married so you didn’t need to hear this. The only reason that I’m telling everyone now is because I’m getting married in the morning. You know how the guys pass their little black book to their single friends; well I’m passing my lessons on to the ladies here.”
“Wait a minute” Amica says. “It’s coming to me now.” She places her hand on her hip saying, “When Roosevelt resisted this kryptonite body of mine… you knew that he didn’t chase women because he didn’t chase after me. So you knew that he was not a dog.” Katherine simply pointed at her saying “go ahead sista. You’re on the right track.”
“He was down here alone and could have teamed up with Fred the rest of the guys but he didn’t, so you knew that he did not travel in a pack, which meant that he was not a wolf. Um, girl, let me think for a second… Sooo, when you threw him your purse and told him he could have your money and everything you own, you were trying to see if he was a coyote. When he simply put your purse back on the dresser; you knew that he was not a coyote. You knew then that he had to be a fox!”
“Can a sista teach up in here today?” Katherine yelled with a big smile on her face, dancing around in a circle.
“Go ahead, teach sista. Take us to school.” Someone hollers.
“Now the fox,” Katherine said “is a different kind of man. Mind you now ladies, we have the bait to catch any one of the four but this is the kind of man that you want. We have been so busy chasing behind dogs and wolves and settling for coyotes when you should be still and let our fox find us.”
“Amen to that,” someone screams. Katherine continues “the fox has a keen sense of sight and hearing. He can look at you and tell you what will look good on you. You can send him on a shopping spree and everything that he buys you will fit you to a tee because he takes his time studying you and know all your sizes.” All the ladies were quiet waiting on Katherine’s next word. Some were even shaking their heads from side to side in disbelief because they knew they had followed behind the wrong type of man.
“You might not want to hear this ladies but it is the truth. This type of man has excellent hearing and he listens well. You can’t tell him one thing then come back later and tell him something different because he will know you lied. He is very shy and easily startled. You want to know why some ladies can’t find a good fox of a man.”
“Tell us teacher.” One of the ladies yelled.
“You can’t be all loud, cursing and popping your neck while you are talking because you will run him away. Like all foxes, he is curious but avoids obvious dangers.”
“You still have not told us about Roosevelt.” Elizabeth says.
“I’m getting to it. Have a little patience. There are three kinds of basic foxes. There is the red fox which would be your shades of light skin brothers. There is the black fox which is your shade of dark skin brothers.”
“That’s right,” Amica said. “Give me some of that dark sweet chocolate any day.”
“I know that’s right.” Someone co-signs.
“You can have them all.” Katherine said “but as for me; give me the silver fox any day. All foxes are hard to capture but the silver fox is harder to capture than all of them. You see, the silver fox is curious and intelligence. He is mature, very territorial and is looking for one mate for a lifetime.”
“So how do you capture a silver fox?” Sheila asks.
“He has three weaknesses. Even though he is mature, inwardly, he is very playful so you have to introduce him to new and interesting things. He has a keen sense of smell so if you can get a unique perfume or scent, you can draw him in. Now the last thing that I’m going to tell you ladies is this. You have to be a lady but some times you have to be a bad girl.”
“Well I know how to be a bad girl,” someone yells.
“I give you my last warning ladies. The silver fox is very clever and witty. He can turn the tables on you. Roosevelt did not know who I was but he let me plan his birthday. When I finished with him for his birthday I had him locked in my trap. Girl, I had a leash around his neck but during the course of the year he reversed my actions and before I knew it; he had taken the leash off and placed it on my neck.”
“What,” someone shrieks?
“I was a lioness, used to roaring but he turned me into a kitten and all I could say was meow. He could tap on the table and I would jump on it.”
“Girl, he had you jumping on tables.” Amica says.
“That’s right girl. I don’t know who he talked to or what he did but he had my mind messed up. He tested me to make sure that my mind was blown.”
Sheila said, “How did he test you girl because I need to know just in case Ben starts trying to test me?”
“First, when we were on Bimini, he went to bed early one night and left me up. He told me that when he woke up in the morning; he wanted me in my usual spot snuggled up close to him.”
“How is that a test?” Sheila says.
“When a brother turns in early, he is saying do what you want to do but remember who you belong to. I was in my spot the next morning purring like a kitten. Second, he asked me to get on a boat by myself while I was in Niagara Falls. I did what he told me even though he was supposed to be in Detroit but he surprised me; he was on the boat. The last test was yesterday with Alvin Goode. Well you all know how that went.”