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Skeeter Hawk

/ Excerpts From Skeeter Hawk

Excerpts from Skeeter Hawk

Main Characters

Benjamin Brooks – Susu

It was well into the evening when he got up. He slipped an extra large towel around his six foot, five inch well built frame. His body was in good condition for a fifty year old. A lot of men his age would have let themselves go, but not Benjamin Brooks. He took pride in his muscular build. He had a daily workout program that called for him to rise early and exercise for one hour. Being a lawyer, he wanted to look good in his shades of blue, tailor made suits.
“Nothing worse than an out of shape lawyer” he would say. “If a lawyer couldn’t discipline himself for his own good, how could he discipline himself to pursue his client’s case?”

His smooth dark brown complexion created a rouse among the ladies in his office. His secretary Lola kept him informed as to what the ladies were saying about him.
“They call you the Black Fox, you know.” She would tell him. He couldn’t prove it,
but he thought that Lola started the rumor herself.

Sheila Smith
It was funny how he met Sheila, he was at a lawyer’s conference in Las Vegas and Sheila was there from Detroit purchasing clothes from her favorite designer, Benje. Things were still a little bumpy from his lost of Melia and he thought that he would spend some time at the dice table hoping that it would change his luck. He was losing badly, but he noticed that everyone at the dice table stopped talking and they were looking in his direction. He hadn’t noticed that Sheila had slipped up beside him. When he turned, her beauty met him front and center. Her skin was the color of brown sugar and she looked twice as sweet. He wanted to impress her with elegant words, but he had been out of practice in charming women. What could he say to her?

What’s a fine momma like you doing in here alone? No too lame. Heaven must have lost an angel and I found you. No, God and I have problems; He would never send me an angel after the things I had said to Him. Are you lost because I’m the lost and found department? Too weak!!

Before he could damage his brain thinking of things to say to her and humiliate himself, she spoke.
“You might need some help with that.”
“Some help with what?”
“Your dice, they seem to have gotten cold on you. Do you want me to warm them up for you?”
“Uh, yeah!”

She took him by the hand and turned the dice toward her. She then puckered up and was preparing to blow on the dice. He could not help but notice how moist and delicious her lips looked. He hadn’t paid attention to a woman’s lips other than Melia in years. Slowly, his hand begins to shake.
“No wonder you’re having trouble with your dice, are you nervous or is it me?”
“It is you.” He yelled in his mind. “You know darn well that you are upsetting me, throwing my game off.” He tried to steady his hand, as drops of sweat formed on his forehead. “Talking about never let them see you sweat, if she sees me sweating like a wild animal, she will never speak to me again.”

She looked straight into his eyes as if she had the power to hypnotize him; commanding him to do her will. She turned her eyes from him and blew very gently on the dice sending a warm sensation up his arm. Then, she did something completely unexpected. She kissed him tenderly on the wrist. His arm felt like it was on fire. She had not only warmed the dice, but she sat him a blaze as well. She took a cologne laced silk handkerchief from her purse and gently wiped his forehead. The scent of the cologne traveled up his nasal passage sending a tingling feeling to his brain. He thought for a second that he was about to lose consciousness.

She winked at him then turned and walked away. Her walk was unbelievably sexy. Every guy and lady at the table was watching her walk away. To him, her walk seems to have magnetic power, drawing his eyes from their sockets to roll helplessly across the floor following her. His ears followed the sound of a different drummer; the rhythmic beat of her hips as she moved further and further away. His mouth became unbelievable dry like a diabetic who have had an overdose of sugar. He craved water, but he believed that only she could quench his craving.

The Problem
Emerging from the shower, Ben had a clear head and a renewed sense of direction. He was convinced more than ever to marry Sheila and to take her off the fashion runway. He wanted that family relationship that he once enjoyed with Melia. He had to find a way to talk with Sheila. She had such a strong personality and able to overpower most people’s will. She was always able to use her feminine supremacy so skillfully on him. He was like a light switch in her hands. She was able to turn him on and off at her will. When she turned him on, he was turned on beyond all rational thoughts.

Officer Rivers – Fula
When the State Trooper stepped out of the cruiser, Ben could see that it was an African American female Trooper. He watched her through his rear view mirror as she walked toward the car. She was wearing what he called police shades. They were dark and wide, covering most of the face. Though he couldn’t see her face clearly, one thing was for sure, she had a beautiful body under that uniform. He wondered why a fine lady like this would become a cop. She could have easily shared the fashion runway with Sheila.

He hadn’t allowed himself to look at other women since he had been seeing Sheila, but boy was he looking now. As she got closer male stereotypical ideas floated through his mind. I wonder does she dress sexy under that uniform. Wonder is she wearing a sweet cologne. Reality set in. She is wearing a gun stupid, so nothing else matters.
“Hello Sir, I saw that truck almost run you off the road back there. I put a call in to another trooper down the road to see if he could catch him. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine officer.”
Ben couldn’t tell for sure, but it sounded like she said “I know that’s right” under her breath.
“Can I see your identification?”
“Sure officer, but I need to step out of the car because my ID is in my back pocket and I’m having trouble getting to it in this small rental car.”
As Ben got out of the car, he noticed that the officer placed her hand on her gun. It looked like she was going to pull it out. Ben threw his hands high in the air quickly, almost causing his muscular chest to rip his shirt apart.
“Huh, wait, you, you won’t need that. There is no need for you to pull your weapon. I’m an attorney. I obey the law.”
“I’m not putting my hand on gun for you. It is to remind me that I’m a police officer, because you are a fine, tall, cup of hot chocolate.”
She is flirting with me. I thought that I heard her right the first time. Well as fine as she is, she can flirt with me anytime.
Ben let his hands down and a big smile came on his face.
“Are you flirting with me officer?”
“Well that all depends.”
“Depends on what?”
“Depends on if it is working or not.”

It was unquestionably working. He had not had a woman flirt with him so strongly and he took it seriously in years. He decided to let her advances go unanswered. He handed her his ID.
“Benjamin Brooks, Attorney at Law, Houston, Texas. Mr. Brooks you are a long way from home. What are you during in Magnolia?”
“Magnolia is my home.”
Ben couldn’t believe he said that. He was always trying to distance himself from his country upbringings and his African roots that he had forgotten that no matter where he went in the world. Magnolia was still his home, just like Africa.
“I’m a little lost. I was trying to find the Jackson Market. It is one of the landmarks that will put me on the right road to the James Farm.”
“The Jackson Market was torn down almost ten years ago. I see you haven’t been home in some time.”
“I see a lot has changed since I was last home. I heard that North Carolina had African American State Trooper, but no one told me that they had fine ones like you.”
“Are you trying to flirt with me Attorney Brooks?”
“It all depends.”
“Depends on what?”
“Depends on if it is working or not.”
The two of them started laughing very loudly.